What is Walk the World

What is it?

‘Walk the World’ is a sponsored 10 kilometre ‘fun walk’ where teams of students walk a special route and complete fun challenges (riddles, games, activities) along the way to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Appeals. Students encourage friends and family to sponsor their walk and the donations are pooled in an easy to manage way.

The ultimate goal is to walk the circumference of the earth which means we need four thousand people to take part – we want you to be an important part of this. 

The walking route and activities are customisable to your local area, and involves games, riddles and positive interaction with the public. The activities encourage young people to actively learn about our Emergency Crisis Appeals, and understand how international aid relates to them.

Teams of 10 - 15 students complete the walk in friendly competition with other teams so you can locally declare the winning team based on how many points they earned during the walk (winning is not based on fundraising). The whole project should run for approximately 4 hours, including lunch.

Why do it?

Aside from taking initiative and having fun as a team, this project empowers students to learn about moral choices (towards becoming a global citizen). Your students have the opportunity to meet professional aid workers during the project who are from some of the thirteen major UK charities that we work with. They can run short interactive workshops, talk about their experiences and give your students an understanding of why charitable acts are valuable.

Walk the World is also an opportunity for your students to take on new responsibilities and leadership roles. You can delegate some (or all) of the creative and logistical tasks involved with setting up Walk the World at your school to students. No matter what level your students are involved at, they can all include Walk the World as a volunteering activity on their CVs when they graduate.

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