Our Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

A world where the impact of disasters on affected communities is minimised by working together through effective humanitarian response and growing resilience.

Our Mission

Together we will raise funds to save, protect and rebuild lives in vulnerable countries that are impacted by emergencies and major disasters.  We will:

- Raise funds quickly and effectively in large scale humanitarian emergencies.
- Uphold the highest standards of accountability and transparency
- Learn and share information to promote effective programmes of response

Strategic Values

Linked to this Mission is a set of Strategic Values agreed by the DEC Board of Trustees, in order to describe the way in which DEC as a collective works:

We bring together the leading humanitarian agencies and reach out to work in cooperation with others. Together we meet our commitment to raise funds to save, protect and rebuild lives.

Accountability and transparency
We are accountable to the people we serve during emergencies and to our supporters who make what we do possible. When we ask for money, we are clear about why we need it and ensure the highest standards and delivery of programmes that meet people’s needs.

We ensure that our collective expertise maximises funds raised and brings about an effective response that respects the dignity of disaster victims. We share our learning within each emergency and from one emergency to the next.

We always put the humanitarian imperative first so that across our member agencies aid and support is allocated to beneficiaries according to the urgency of their unmet needs and through the organisations best placed to meet those needs.

We stand up with integrity for principled humanitarian action. We work impartially, independently and without the influence of governments or donors to ensure that our response is credible and supports those in urgent need, regardless of age, gender, colour, ethnicity, faith or political affiliation.

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