How you can get involved

We are looking to you to help spread the message and amplify the appeal, bringing our idea to life in any way you choose.​


You can help by driving people to find out more about the crisis on our website, or donate through any of the mechanisms below. For context, see what amounts donated can provide for those who most need it.​

  • £25 could provide a month’s supply of life–saving peanut paste to a malnourished child.​
  • £60 could provide clean drinking water for two families for a month.​
  • £100 could provide supplies to a clinic treating severely malnourished children for a week.​


In general, our preferred donation mechanisms in priority order are:​

1) Web:​

2) Phone: 0370 60 60 610​

3) Text to give / SMS Text DONATE to 70000 to give £5

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