How much do you spend on Admin / Fundraising?

All of our income / expenditure is in our annual reports here. This also includes a breakdown of staff pay and what appeal money is spent on. Please note we can only provide figures for previous business years.

Of all the donations we receive, around 7% (to October 2017 based on previous eight appeals) will be used to cover the wide-ranging costs relating to running an appeal (advertising, fundraising costs such as the telephone donations systems, monitoring and evaluation of how funds are spent) although we do try our best to get as much as possible for free. We only spend what we absolutely need to run a successful appeal and we try and keep this as low as possible.

The remaining approximately 93% of donated funds are then divided between our 14 member agencies. Of this amount, they can use up to 7% to cover their own management costs related to the appeal (this includes things such as overheads relating to staff working on the response and monitoring and evaluation of their programmes). The remainder will then go directly towards the response programme. Of this, 50% minimum will pay for supplying items such as medicines, water, food, hygiene items, temporary shelters, tarpaulins etc. The rest will cover costs such as transporting these materials, the costs of staff carrying out distributions or providing health care (the majority of whom are locals from the affected area), or communications costs to ensure good coordination and information sharing.

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