Why aren’t your bank details on the website?

We don’t put our bank details on our website because if people pay directly into our bank account it is much more difficult for us to trace the payment and account back to them.


We have thousands of payments into the account each day and we only get a basic list of each amount and a name, with very few other details. This means that we can't send you a receipt or a thank you letter and if there are questions or problems about a donation it is very difficult for our finance team to locate the payment and deal with the query or even to tell if the donation has successfully been made.


Further to this we are also concerned about the security of putting our bank details on the internet due to the possibility of fraudulent activity.


There are numerous other ways in which payments can be made which can be found at https://www.dec.org.uk/many-ways-to-donateIf, however, a bank transfer is the only way in which you can donate then please contact us with your full name and address and we will send you our bank details along with a unique payment reference number which will assist in tracking your donation.


If you wish to make a corporate donation you can find details of how to do so at http://www.dec.org.uk/corporate-support.

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