How does the DEC work?

The DEC raises funds for work done by our 14 member UK charities. They, not the DEC, deliver aid directly or through trusted partners to those in need in disaster areas. We do not deliver the aid ourselves or decide which programmes member agencies should run in the field. 

A formula known as the Indicator of Capacity (IoC) is used to allocate DEC appeal funds amongst our member agencies. The calculation, updated annually, takes into consideration how much each member spends on emergency relief and recovery work overseas, and their UK fundraising capacity. The formula ensures that no one agency gets more than 20% of the funds available and none get less than 3%.

Because of the IoC, each of our members will know roughly how much money they will get from the DEC as soon as the funds are raised. This helps them begin delivering vital aid within days of a disaster.

This, we hope, allows the DEC to have maximum fundraising reach and run as efficiently as possible. As the DEC is effectively 'owned' by its charity members the DEC essentially acts as a joint funding pool for UK charity disaster response operations.

For more details about our member agencies you can find their details here -

More information on how the DEC works can be found at

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