When can I claim a refund?

The DEC is happy to refund donations when;

  • There was an error in the donation
  • The donation was made for the wrong amount
  • A duplicate donation was made in error
Refunds will be Given
  • If there was an overpayment as the result of a DEC error, e.g. the amount was transcribed incorrectly
  • If there was an overpayment as the result of the following common mistakes:
    • Incorrectly adding 00 for pence (e.g. making a £1000 donation for £10.00)
    • Incorrectly pressing the refresh button on the website.
  • If a telephone donation was made but, due to the delay in processing, an erroneous second donation was made in another way (evidence of the second donation being made must be provided)

Refunds will not be Given

  • If a donation is made to an Appeal and you subsequently change your mind we cannot routinely make refunds because this exposes us to Money Laundering activities. You should not make a donation without first checking that you can afford it, however cases in which donations threaten hardship for the donor will be considered on a case by case basis.

For instructions on how to claim a refund please go to How do I claim a refund?

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