How Do I Setup / Create an Event / Justgiving Page?

Setting up an event is easy, use the other Community Fundraising articles within the Help section and the Get Involved section of our website to help you get started.

What you need to do to set up your event will vary quite a bit depending on what you are doing but may include booking venues, ordering fundraising materials, obtaining fundraising IDs and getting hold of equipment. However what you will always need to do is register your event with the DEC and we also recommend setting up a JustGiving page to keep track of your fundraising.

Register Your Event
Please register with us even if you are just collecting money as it helps us keep track of donations. If you contact us and let us know your name, address, telephone number and email then we will send you a registration number.

There is lots to gain by getting in contact including:

  • Support and advice on setting up and running your event
  • Fundraising materials including T-shirts, collection buckets and collection boxes (please be aware we carry limited stock)
  • Sponsorship and Gift Aid forms (you can use these to gather donations at events and allows your individual sponsors to Gift Aid their donations)
  • Fundraising IDs and letters of approval for public events/collections
  •  Downloadable Posters and web banners for promoting your event 

Set Up a JustGiving Page

Setting up an online fundraising page with Justgiving is a great way to engage and increase your         supporters, makes it easy for them to donate and makes it easy for you to keep track of your running total. Creating a page is simple, follow this link to get started. How you customise your page can affect how much, and many, people donate. Below are a few tips for making a great page:

  • Choose a great photo - choose a photo that will catch your supporters' attention, one with a big smile or doing something fantastic at a previous fundraising event.
  • Write a good story - Explain what you are doing and why the DEC appeal is important to you. Include a summary so that your supporters will know what you are doing as soon as they open your page.
  • Choose an eye catching design - choose colours and a theme which suit your personality and make your page stand out.
  • Decide on a fundraising target - Let people know how much you aim to raise, remember you can't beat your target if you don't have one to start with!
  • Update your supporters - post regular updates on your social media pages to let the people who have donated know how your fundraising is going and then how your event finally went.
  • Be strategic - When people donate they will often look at how much the previous person donated as a guide. Maximise your income by sharing your page with your most generous friends and family first!
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