Where do I send the money I've collected?

There are many ways to pay money you've collected for the appeal to the DEC

  1. Via your JustGiving Page
  2. Via a Bank Transfer
  3. Over the Counter at a Bank
  4. Sending in a Postal Cheque or Returning your Collection Bucket / Box

JustGiving Page

Generally the best way to pay in money raised is to setup a JustGiving page for the DEC and make all payments there,

You can create a fundraiser for the most recent campaign here - https://www.dec.org.uk/fundraise-for-us

It will also be a lot easier for friends and family to support the event. If a JustGiving page can't be set up then donations can be sent direct to the DEC, see  http://www.dec.org.uk/many-ways-to-donate

Bank Transfer

We do not actively promote our bank details on the website for security reasons but if you wish to make a bank transfer you can get in touch with our supporter care team @ support@dec.org.uk

Paying in at a Bank

You can pay money in at any Post Office, bank or building society except Nationwide or Britannia. They should have paying-in slips with the DEC's bank account details on them.

Please keep the slip with your name, the amount donated and a bank stamp as this acts as your receipt and will be the only proof that you have donated. You will need to send this to us if you require a receipt or thank you letter from the DEC.

Banks kindly request that you sort any coins into separate bags which they can give you before you pay in. 

All banks should support DEC appeals. However that can vary from branch to branch, and some may run out of the slips or just not realise that they have them. We do our best to make sure there are as many ways to pay money in as possible, however we can't guarantee that every branch will be able to facilitate this method of payment. We don't have paying in slips at the DEC's offices as we do not produce them ourselves.

If you do have difficulty then other ways to pay can be found at http://www.dec.org.uk/many-ways-to-donate.

Sending a Cheque 

All donations should be made payable to DEC **Name of Appeal** and posted with a completed postal donation form to: 

  • DEC **Name of Appeal**  
  • PO Box 999,
  • London,
  • EC3A 3AA

You can also use a sponsorship form if you have lots of donations to send in or if you want to attribute specific postal donations to a fundraising event






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