I am not satisfied with the response to my complaint.

Send Us Feedback

After you have received a response to your query you will be sent a feedback form where you can rate how we handled your issue and leave comments. We always read everything and do our best to address any negative comments or complaints, so please do give feedback. 

Escalate the Issue

If you would like to escalate your complaint further you can respond and ask the issue to be raised at a more senior level. At this point the complaint will go through an escalation process within the DEC and will be passed to the relevant person who will make sure they do their best to address your concerns.

Complain to a Regulatory Organisation

If the response is still unsatisfactory, the complaint can be forwarded to the Fundraising Regulator (for fundraising complaints) or the Charity Commission for all other areas. They will then raise the issue with us at director level. Links to these organisations are below:


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