I live outside the UK do I still qualify for Gift Aid?

In order for us to claim Gift Aid on your donation you need to pay UK tax to the British government of an amount equivalent to the amount we can claim, in the tax year you made it. So for example if you give us £10, you must pay at least £2.50 (25% of the donation) income or capital gains tax to HMRC.

If you do pay UK tax you must also have a UK address for us to claim Gift Aid on your donation. If, however, you do not pay tax to HMRC, or you do but do not have a UK address, then unfortunately we can't claim the Gift Aid from your donation.

If you pay tax to HMRC and have a UK address then we can claim Gift Aid, you can make declaration on our website contact form (just select Make a Gift Aid Declaration) or by downloading a Gift Aid Declaration Form

For tax purposes the UK is defined as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It does not include the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.


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