Events Health and Safety Checklist

This is a non-exhaustive list of Health and Safety considerations when running an event. Some of these points may only be relevant if you are running a larger event. The DEC cannot take any responsibility for problems that may arise during fundraising events.

Fire Safety

  • Are fire exits, fire extinguishers and assembly points all clearly signed?
  • Are fire marshals fully briefed?
  • Are clear emergency procedures displayed somewhere public and prominent?

Venue Safety

  • Are any uneven/hazardous surfaces roped off or clearly marked?
  • Have you done a risk assessment of hazardous areas such as hot drink service areas, traffic routes or deep water?
  • Will bad weather affect the event? Have you a back up plan and a plan to reduce any resulting hazards?
  • Do you need public liability insurance?
  • Is there suitable access and parking for all visitors/staff?

First Aid

  • Are there qualified first-aiders on site and sufficient first aid supplies?
  • Have you notified the local emergency services about your event?

Volunteers / Staff

  • Is there a specific person in charge of the event and has this been communicated to everyone involved?
  • Are all staff/volunteers familiar with site layout, key phone numbers, first-aiders, emergency procedures and risk assessments?
  • Is there enough enough staff to cope in an emergency situation?
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