Events Legal Checklist

This is a non-exhaustive list of legal considerations when running an event. Some of these points may only be relevant if you are running a larger event. The DEC cannot take any responsibility for problems that may arise during fundraising events.

  • Does the licensing authority need to approve the event?
  • If collecting money do you have permission from the local authority (if collecting on the street) or private landowner (for example if collecting outside a supermarket you will need permission from the manager)
  • Have you registered your event with the DEC?
  • Do you need a letter of authority or fundraising ID  from the DEC (request here)
  • If holding a small raffle  you must comply with the following:
        1. tickets must only be sold on same day and premises  as draw
        2. Total value of prizes purchased for draw is no more than £250 (donated prizes can be more)
        3. Prizes of alcohol must only be offered in licensed premises
        4. All tickets the same price (no discounts).
        5. If holding a larger raffle you may need to contact your local authority to obtain a licence


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