How do I claim a refund?

See When can I claim a refund? for details on when the DEC will and will not give refunds.

You can request a refund by using our contact form. In the Type of Query box select My Donation then Request a Refund, then in the Description box add as much of the below information as possible.

In order to process a refund we must first trace the original donation. To help us do this, we will require as much information as possible so we can see if it has been processed. We have many different ways to donate so in order to trace the donation please could you provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Full name 
  • Address 
  • Email
  • Date of donation 
  • Amount donated 
  • Donation method
  • Reference number or copy of paying in slip or receipt if received

If donation made by phone: the phone number used & the last four digits of the card used for payment
If donation made by cheque: date the cheque was sent & the address it was sent to
If donation made by text: the mobile number used
If donation made by ATM: a receipt from the ATM or a copy of a bank statement showing the donation

This may seem like a lot of information but, as we have thousands of donations each day during an appeal, it is necessary for us to be able track down one individual payment. If you give us as much information as you can we should be able to trace your donation and process the refund.


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