How can I promote my event?

There are loads of ways to share your event with friends, family and colleagues to get them donating. Here's some ideas...

Online and Social Media and use @decappeal on your tweets

Using social media is one of the best ways to share your fundraising event with as many people as possible and linking to your fundraising page makes it easy for people to donate. Here's a few hints and tips:

Share on as many social media platforms as you can
Once you have set up your fundraising page share links to it as well as photos, videos and links to DEC pages on as many social media platforms as possible to reach all your friends and family. Use @decappeal and #dec on your tweets.

Write a Blog
Write a blog and update it regularly letting people know how your preparations are going, how your event or challenge goes, how much you have raised and to say thank you for all your supporters' donations.

Email those who aren't on social media
As well as sharing on social media, send emails with links and photos to reach all those who don’t use social media.

Share at school or work
Post links on workplace message boards or an article in your school/company newsletters to let everyone know what you are doing and encourage them to support you and donate. If your employer has a charitable giving page see if you can link to that.

Keep everyone updated
Keeping people updated makes sure that they stay interested and keep donating

  • Post new photos and videos as often as you can
  • Share your running total and include cash raised offline so everyone can see how well you are doing
  • Share stories and anecdotes about your preparation
  • Post personalised thank you messages to show your appreciation for donations
  • Once it’s all over let everyone know how much you raised and how successful your event was

Other ways to promote your event

Posters, Flyers and Noticeboards in the local community
Make some posters and/or flyers to publicise your event and distribute them at your workplace, school, community centre or place of worship. You could also try distributing flyers or putting a message on a community noticeboard in a local cafe, shop or supermarket. 

Local Newspaper or Radio
Contact your local newspaper or radio station and tell them about your event. Let them know why and what you are doing and see if they can help you to promote your event.


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