Running and Completing your Event

  • Keeping your event safe and legal

    Nearly all events run smoothly, however occasionally things go wrong and it is important to be prepared. If something does go wrong there can be serious implications so event organisers need to plan ahead, anticipate risks and take appropriate action where necessary. The Government Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends carrying out a  five step risk assessment (see below) to look at what in your event could potentially cause harm, and whether you have done enough to prevent an accident.

    You can download and print a risk assessment template, guidance and checklist directly from the HSE website using the links below.

    Risk Assessment

    1. Identify potential hazards
    2. Decide who might be harmed and how
    3. Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions
    4. Make a record of your findings and necessary actions
    5. Review your assessment throughout planning /set up

    See the Events Health and Safety Checklist and Events Legal Checklist for a list of some of the most common issues and checks to look out for.

  • Events Health and Safety Checklist

    This is a non-exhaustive list of Health and Safety considerations when running an event. Some of these points may only be relevant if you are running a larger event. The DEC cannot take any responsibility for problems that may arise during fundraising events.

    Fire Safety

    • Are fire exits, fire extinguishers and assembly points all clearly signed?
    • Are fire marshals fully briefed?
    • Are clear emergency procedures displayed somewhere public and prominent?

    Venue Safety

    • Are any uneven/hazardous surfaces roped off or clearly marked?
    • Have you done a risk assessment of hazardous areas such as hot drink service areas, traffic routes or deep water?
    • Will bad weather affect the event? Have you a back up plan and a plan to reduce any resulting hazards?
    • Do you need public liability insurance?
    • Is there suitable access and parking for all visitors/staff?

    First Aid

    • Are there qualified first-aiders on site and sufficient first aid supplies?
    • Have you notified the local emergency services about your event?

    Volunteers / Staff

    • Is there a specific person in charge of the event and has this been communicated to everyone involved?
    • Are all staff/volunteers familiar with site layout, key phone numbers, first-aiders, emergency procedures and risk assessments?
    • Is there enough enough staff to cope in an emergency situation?
  • Events Legal Checklist

    This is a non-exhaustive list of legal considerations when running an event. Some of these points may only be relevant if you are running a larger event. The DEC cannot take any responsibility for problems that may arise during fundraising events.

    • Does the licensing authority need to approve the event?
    • If collecting money do you have permission from the local authority (if collecting on the street) or private landowner (for example if collecting outside a supermarket you will need permission from the manager)
    • Have you registered your event with the DEC?
    • Do you need a letter of authority or fundraising ID  from the DEC (request here)
    • If holding a small raffle  you must comply with the following:
          1. tickets must only be sold on same day and premises  as draw
          2. Total value of prizes purchased for draw is no more than £250 (donated prizes can be more)
          3. Prizes of alcohol must only be offered in licensed premises
          4. All tickets the same price (no discounts).
          5. If holding a larger raffle you may need to contact your local authority to obtain a licence


  • What do I need to do after my event?
    • If your local media cannot promote your fundraising before the event, send a follow up story with a photo of the event.
    • If they do promote it, send a thank-you letter to say how much money was raised and thank those that took part
    • Thank your supporters by email and online
    • Send in your donations (see 'Paying in Money to the DEC')
  • Can I send photos of my event to the DEC?

    Don't forget to take plenty of photos to share online and maybe even create your own hashtag, like #Sarahcakesale. Tag us on social media: 

    Twitter:@decappeal, Instagram:disastersemergencycommittee

    We will try to share photos of your event on our social media channels but please complete and return a photo consent form along with your photos. Download a consent form here.

  • Can someone from the DEC come to my event?

    We'd love to come and visit all events but as we are a very small organisation based in Central London with no regional offices or any staff around the UK, we can't always make it.

    We operate with a very small number of staff (in order to keep costs low), and rely on volunteers and staff co-opted from our members when an appeal is running.

    If you would like to try and arrange someone to come to your event you can contact us online or via live chat.

    We will try and get back to you soon as possible but can't promise we will have people available.