Preparing for your Event

  • How do I collect money for the appeal?

    If you wish to hold a collection for the appeal the easiest way is to set up a DEC fundraising page on JustGiving. This will allow your supporters to donate electronically and you can keep track of how much is being raised. The money is then automatically sent to the DEC. If you go to and click on 'Register Now' it will take you to the JustGiving registration page. It's easy and quick to set up your own page and you can customise it to suit your event and personality

    Alternatively if you are holding a collection in a public place or just don’t want to collect money online you can download a sponsorship form with extra pages here. If you ask everyone who donates to sign individually if they are eligible for Gift Aid then this will increase their donation by 25% at no cost to themselves. When you have finished collecting go to many ways to donate to find the best way of donating for you.

  • Do you have any merchandise, T-shirts etc.?

    Yes we do, we have T-shirts, flat-pack collection boxes, collection buckets, polybox tins and wrap-around labels. We are happy to send some out or have them collected, but be aware we carried limited stock. See How do I order fundraising materials (eg posters, buckets, t-shirts)?

  • How do I order fundraising materials (eg posters, buckets, t-shirts)?

    You can request materials using our contact form from where you can request T-shirts and collection boxes which we can send to you in the post.

    We do have a limited supply so if you do not get everything that you ordered we apologise, but there often a huge response to our appeals. The more notice you can give us before your event the better. In the midst of an appeal it is possible that we may not be able to send merchandise in time for your event, but we hope that this would not prevent it going ahead. 

    We do have a small supply of collection buckets and T-shirts in our offices in central London if you are able to travel here, so if this suits you please contact us beforehand to arrange to pick them up.

  • Can I make my own Materials?

    Ideally we would rather everyone uses DEC approved merchandise, however sometimes in large appeals we are so busy we may run out of stock. If you want to mock up your own please let us know by sending us a quick picture of what you've made and we'll make a record of it so it's official.

  • Can you send me a fundraising pack?

    Our fundraising packs are generally linked to a specific appeal and will only be available while the appeal is live. During appeals you can find the online fundraising pack here: