Problems with your donation

  • Why can't I find how to donate?

    The DEC only raises money during appeals (which last 6 months) so once an appeal closes we stop accepting donations. Find out which appeals are live at

    Outside of appeal times you can still donate to our Emergency Fund which will help to fund our next appeal -

  • Do credit card companies charge money for donating to the DEC?

    Major UK credit card companies don’t charge the DEC or you for donations to our emergency appeals. So it shouldn’t cost you anything if you pay via credit card or by debit card directly from your account. If you are unsure, however, please check with your credit card issuer.

    Using some other payment channels you will incur a small charge - for example Paypal charge their standard rate for charities.

  • I live outside the UK, can I still donate?

    You can still donate even if you live overseas. The best way to donate to the DEC's appeal is by Donating online. This is the fastest and safest method and will allow funds to be received by the DEC straight away.

    Other methods can be found at although not all of them are suitable for donations from outside the UK. If possible, we would appreciate you not sending a cheque from an overseas bank account as the costs of processing it are high. 

    If you wish to make a corporate donation you can find details on how to do so at

    If none of these methods are suitable then please contact us and we can give you the details of our bank account for international donations.

  • Why aren’t your bank details on the website?

    We don’t put our bank details on our website because if people pay directly into our bank account it is much more difficult for us to trace the payment and account back to them.


    We have thousands of payments into the account each day and we only get a basic list of each amount and a name, with very few other details. This means that we can't send you a receipt or a thank you letter and if there are questions or problems about a donation it is very difficult for our finance team to locate the payment and deal with the query or even to tell if the donation has successfully been made.


    Further to this we are also concerned about the security of putting our bank details on the internet due to the possibility of fraudulent activity.


    There are numerous other ways in which payments can be made which can be found at, however, a bank transfer is the only way in which you can donate then please contact us with your full name and address and we will send you our bank details along with a unique payment reference number which will assist in tracking your donation.


    If you wish to make a corporate donation you can find details of how to do so at

  • I have made a mistake with my donation on-line/text/ etc what shall I do?

    To help us trace the donation, we will require as much information as possible so we can see if it has been processed. We have many different ways to donate so in order to trace the donation please could you provide as much of the following information as possible:

    • Full name 
    • Address 
    • Email
    • Date of donation 
    • Amount donated 
    • Donation method
    • Reference number or copy of paying in slip or receipt if received

    If donation made by phone: the phone number used & the last four digits of the card used for payment
    If donation made by cheque: date the cheque was sent & the address it was sent to
    If donation made by text: the mobile number used
    If donation made by ATM: a receipt from the ATM or a copy of a bank statement showing the donation

    This may seem like a lot of information but, as we have thousands of donations each day during an appeal, it is necessary for us to be able track down one individual payment. If you give us as much information as you can hopefully we will be able to trace your donation in order to take any further action needed.