How to Make a Donation

  • What's the best way to donate?

    The best way to donate to a DEC appeal is by Donating online. This is the fastest and safest method and will allow funds to be received by the DEC straight away.

    There are also lots of other ways to donate including: 

    • Phone - 01204 770822
    • JustGiving -
    • Post (cheque, voucher etc)
    • CAF Charities Aid Foundation)
    • Paypal -

    For a full list visit

    If you wish to make a corporate donation you can find details on how to do so at

    If none of these above suits you, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

  • Which address should I send donations to?

    All donations should be made payable to DEC **Name of Appeal** and posted with a completed postal donation form to: 

    • DEC **Name of Appeal**  
    • PO Box 999,
    • London,
    • EC3A 3AA

    It is, however, a lot easier to make a donation online and helps us to process donations faster.

  • Can I set up a Direct Debit / make a regular donation?

    Unfortunately we don't have an easy-to-use way to make regular payments such as by Direct Debit. This is because the DEC is a disaster response charity and our appeals are usually only open for six months after the disaster has occurred. Once an appeal has closed we stop accepting donations so a regular donation would no longer be suitable.

    If you want to make a regular payment we recommend you look at our member charities who all have ongoing fundraising programmes. Donating regularly to a member agency will mean that your donation will go towards longer term sustainable development. A list of our member agencies can be found by following this link:

    If you are particularly interested in supporting the DEC's ongoing work it is possible for us to accept regular payments by standing order. Any money received when no appeals are active will go towards the next appeal and towards the DEC's work as a whole.

    If you do want to set up a standing order please contact us with your name and address and we will send you a reference number and our bank details.

  • How do I donate by cheque?

    To send a donation through the post please download our postal donation form.

    All donations can be made payable to DEC **Name of Appeal** and sent to:

    DEC **Name of Appeal**

    PO Box 999,


    EC3A 3AA 

  • How do I make an anonymous donation?

    Anonymous donations can be made either by sending us a cheque or arranging a bank transfer.

  • There are no live appeals, can I still donate?

    When not running any appeals the DEC suspends most of its fundraising activity.

    If you want to donate toward a specific cause the best thing to do is to check the websites of our member charities to find a suitable appeal. You can find a list of our members by following this link.

    If you are particularly interested in contributing to the DEC's ongoing work you can still donate but the methods by which you can donate are limited to cheque or bank transfer. If donating by bank transfer please contact us first and we will send you a payment reference and our bank details. Please make cheques payable to DEC General Appeals and send to:

    DEC General Appeals
    PO Box 999,
    EC3A 3AA