Paying Money to the DEC

  • Where do I send the money I've collected?

    The best way to pay in money raised is to setup a JustGiving page for the DEC and make all payments there, it will also be a lot easier for friends and family to support the event. If a JustGiving page can't be set up then donations can be sent direct to the DEC, see


  • Do I need to ask permission from my local council to shake a tin on the pavement?

    Many pavements are owned by the local authority but not all are, for example shopping centres are usually privately owned. Some councils do want you to register with them and ask for permission before you fundraise on the street and some don’t. Often those that do want a fundraising number from you to show that you are genuinely raising money for a charity.

    If your local authority needs a fundraising number then please contact us giving your full name, address, email and telephone number and we will issue you with one.

  • Do I need to register with you if I’m just collecting money?

    It would be really helpful if you could register with us even if you are just collecting money as it helps us keep track of donations. There are often a huge number of events taking place during an appeal and its important for us to be able to confirm everyone is raising money appropriately for the Disaster.

    Once you have registered you then can request materials to help you such as T-shirts and collecting boxes (see How do I order fundraising materials? article)

    Also we can send you an unique identification number that can be used in all correspondence with us so it is also easier for us to acknowledge your donation when it's been received and send you a thank you letter or other certificate.

    If you let us know your name and address, telephone number and email address then we can send you a registration number. Contact us here.

  • Gift Aid & Sponsorship Form for Community Events

    Download the front page of the Sponsorship Form here and any extra pages here.